Tangos – valses – milongas for dancing and listening

Monika Feil – voice
Robert Schmidt – piano, arrangement, composition

The duo came together in 2018 and presents a repertoire in the tradition of the great orchestras and singers of the “Epoca de oro”, the golden era of tango from the 1930s to the 1950s in Buenos Aires, as well as original compositions by Robert Schmidt.

Monika Feil interprets Argentinean Tango authentically and charismatically with her expressive voice and in a stylistically appropriate “Porteño”, the Spanish spoken in Buenos Aires. Robert Schmidt’s fingers dance over the keys and ignite a firework of temperament and passion.

Both are passionate tango dancers themselves and present arrangements that inspire dancers on a milonga and lure them onto the dance floor.

At concerts for an exclusively listening audience, the listeners will also learn about the passions and follies from the world of tango through little stories about the lyrics.

Monika Feil & Robert Schmidt