If you want you can additionally book for your events a terrific dance pair for show dance interludes. Information about the couple and videos can be found below.


Oscar y Vicky
Victoria Laverde and Oscar Beltran started their tango career in 1999 in Cali, Colombia in the “Tango Piazzolla” school of Marta Cecilia Mejia, a branch of “Estudio Dinzel Internacional” founded by the internationally recognized teachers Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel in Buenos Aires. Their stage career was initiated with the shows “Libertango”, “Viva la Danza” and “Un Sueño de Tango”.

In 2005 they moved to Buenos Aires where they finished third in the World Cup Tango de Salón. The following year they were runner-up. This was followed by performances in the most famous milongas in Buenos Aires, and in 2008, together with major Argentine orchestras and artists, they appeared in the show “La Grande Milonga” hosted by the Government of Buenos Aires.

Since 2009 they have been part of the instructing team of Fabrica Tanguera and Academia de Tango Argentino by Alexandra Martiñan and teach regularly in Rome, Prague, Munich/Tutzing and Salzburg. They were invited to internationally renowned festivals and events throughout Europe, among others to the festivals TANO TANGO in Naples, FABRICAndoTANGO in Rome, FünfSeenland Tango in Tutzing, Tango Primavera in the Czech Republic as well as to international festivals and events in Genoa, Rimini, Nuremberg, Montpellier, Salzburg, Preysac, Innsbruck and Fürth. Since 2013 they are part of the show “Tango Seduccion” by Gustavo Russo and Samantha Garcia where they introduce themselves as a dancing couple and choreographic assistants.

Since 2016 they live in Nuremberg and teach regularly at the Tango Loft Margarita in Fürth.